About Tara Dunn


If you have come here looking for information about Tara Dunn, I think you should know that this website is at this time used primarily for testing web developments related to online analytics and other silly code projects. Rather than learning about all of Tara’s winning personality traits or her incredible job qualifications, all you’re going to see on this website is an assortment of random code and gibberish. This most likely won’t even be Tara’s best code (or, for that matter, her best gibberish). So, if you’d like to continue your research about the Tara Dunn residing in the Portland metro area, I would advise you to check out her LinkedIn page or her blog entries on E-Nor’s website.


Tara Dunn

P.S. You can also check out my projects site, but I can’t promise anything more than testing there, either!

I can't do that, Dave.